Pricing Benefits with DBS Prelims, LLC

These fees will not change no matter on the amount of notices that are requested. DBS is here to serve you and give you the best available service without demanding the high market fees.

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  • Preliminary Lien Notice - $20.00

  • Certified Preliminary Lien Notice - $20.00 + USPS Certified Return Receipt for each party mailed to.

  • Preliminary Lien Notice Amendment/Revision - $8.00

  • Mechanic’s Lien - $275.00

  • Rushed Lien - $475.00

  • Lien Cancelation - $75.00

Price increases are do to the added increases in both the USPS Postal rates and the changes to the recording fees at Municipal Recording Offices.

These fees are based on the time and efficiency that our company provides to you. The prices for Mechanic’s Lien, listed are for Arizona only. Additional charges may apply for other states. Certificate of mailing is included with all Preliminary Lien Notices.

Additionally, all Preliminary Notices should have a three-day turn-around. The 72-hour turn-around is guaranteed unless there is a problem in verifying all of the given information.

We want to thank you for choosing DBS Prelims for all of your documentation needs.
*NOTE: Some states require by law Certified Return Receipt for mailings to Owner, General Contractor and Lender or Bonding Agent. These services will affect your billing.