About Us:

To become part of your office in a support manner, that enables you to concentrate on the supply side of your business, knowing that DBS Prelims is providing accurate, professional, cost effective Lien Service to help protect your financial investment.
DBS Prelims- An outsource partner for those businesses who need to protect their account's receivable through the mechanic's lien law statues. DBS prides itself in being a very knowledgeable and personable organization geared towards helping customers protect their lien rights and improve their paydex ratios. While we are not a law firm, we complement the services these businesses provide, by taking a serious approach in assuring the accuracy and validity of the documents we prepare.

DBS provides the paperwork and research work requirements to prepare and mail the Lien Notices that are required by law to protect your lien rights, when you have delivered material or furnished labor.
Keeping informed of state laws, meeting form change requirements, maintaining an information knowledge base, and the completion of the Liens according to state law requirements and time frames, is how we enable you to concentrate on your daily business work and not worry about this side of your protection process.